BMW, Mini Cooper, and Volvo Engine Repair

High performance vehicles like BMWs, Volvos and Mini Coopers are built to last, but even these great vehicles run into engine issues now and again. 

Depending on previous use or the variety of driving conditions out there, all engines have different needs. At Beyer Motor Works, we offer several engine services that can help you get the absolute best performance from your engine. Our services can include:

  • The inspecting of your vehicle's engine components
  • The installation of new spark plugs to your vehicle
  • Smoke Testing Intake System for air leaks
  • Replacement of fuel and air filters
  • A full fuel system cleaning... your car's overall performance will thank you
  • And a variety of other engine services and/or needs

Your BMW, Mini Cooper, or Volvo's engine might require more than just an oil change. After a full inspection of your vehicle, the technicians at Beyer Motor Works will discuss with you the option of other recommended services for your engine's health. 

Some of the key components we will repair and/or replace include:

  • Your vehicle's diagnostics system
  • Spark plugs
  • Your fuel pump
  • Air mass sensor
  • Intake boots
  • Your breather/oil separator valves
  • Ignition coils
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Your engine's sensors

Let the staff and the technicians at Beyer Motor Works keep your engine purring.