BMW & Mini Cooper Repair Experts


Welcome to Beyer Motor Works, your #1 source for BMW & Mini Cooper automotive repair. At Beyer Motor Works we offer a personalized and comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure the longevity of your BMW & Mini Cooper. We don't want your vehicle to just get by on the basics, we want to give it the power and reliability as if it were brand new. That's our goal. That's our promise.



When it comes to BMWs, we are your experts. Our specialists have years of experience with these high-powered, ultimate driving machines. Every change, every upgrade, Beyer's been there. In fact, we're the premiere source of BMW driveshafts.



As an owner of a Mini Cooper  you should be proud of your machine. You know how well this compact automobile can perform, and we are experts at keeping your Mini Cooper at those peak performance levels for years to come.

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